More from the lady in the van.


  1. Sat Nav adventures.

When we decided to undertake this French challenge, (or rather Howard decided.) my one stipulation was that I had to have a decent Sat Nav.) Being the generous and considerate person that he is Howard agreed and began to research, which would be best.

We chose one with extra large screen and idiot proof, simple programming. I wonder why?

As I’m sure everyone knows what a techno wiz I am, so I have had some interesting times trying to follow directions.

I have annoyed Howard to distraction by making sure it is programmed and re programmed at least three times before I set off. (Just in case it sends me backwards!)

It is specifically designed for motorhomes, so you can add in the height/length and width dimensions for your vehicle. This in theory means it will avoid very small roads. Hmm not quite strictly true. It sends you down them and then displays the message of “ route accessibility unknown for motorhomes.” As you can imagine I’ve had a few blips, or as Howard prefers to call them, “Sat Nav adventures.”

Almost every day has involved a roundabout with differing numbers of exits. (Yes Dad, French roundabouts go anti clockwise!)

I have been sent to the middle of a new housing estate where the five-foot trench being dug across the road was a slight hazard.

On one occasion trying to get into a small campsite it told me to go down a very, very, narrow unmarked lane. Fortunately I didn’t take the risk as later found out it was blocked with bollards at the bottom and no way of turning round so I’d have had to try and reverse almost half a mile back up. Even reversing cameras may not have helped that one!

I’m sure I could bore you with lots more incidents but on the whole I have to say that the Sat Nav we chose was well worth it and I couldn’t possibly have been lone support without it. In fact today it took me on the perfect route with no deviations so I’m feeling pretty pleased.

My only real struggle with the Sat Nav is that the very nice lady hasn’t got the foggiest idea of French pronunciations and will insist on reading out full road names rather that main route numbers, so I am constantly amused by some very long description instead of a simple road to..


We are now almost half way through and I will continue to provide a few more “life in the van” moments in the next couple of days.


2 thoughts on “More from the lady in the van.

  1. I am not convinced that ‘Lady in the van’ is a suitable handle.
    My suggestion would be ‘Bird in the bus’


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