This is my rewrite of the lost post... Saturday 27th May Day fifteen Chatelaillon to Marennes:                67km, 191m climbed,   3hr 53’ Total Distance     749km Well our resident restaurant critic was right about the restaurant. It was a terrific amalgam of French and Italian food. One thing that she had overlooked though was that she wasn’t … Continue reading Scorchio!

A Coke-fuelled Sleigh Ride into La Rochelle!

Friday 26th May Day fourteen St Michel en L’Herm to Chatelaillon:            70km, 166m climbed,   4hr 37’ Total Distance     682km Every Grand Tour has its doping scandal and so has mine! The day started innocuously enough; we even managed a new best depart time of 0916 to try and beat the worst of the heat (me) … Continue reading A Coke-fuelled Sleigh Ride into La Rochelle!

Hot and Windy

Thursday 25th May Day thirteen Talmont St Hilaire to St Michel L’Herm:      56km, 228m climbed,   3hr 36’ Total Distance     612km Today started in a most unusual way with a meeting called by the Organising Committee with representatives of the competitors [Ed. participant surely?] to discuss a possible change to the published itinerary due to the … Continue reading Hot and Windy