Mother’s Day Mums Enjoy Lunch Au Plein Air

Sunday 11th March 2018

The Les Gets forecast was spot on – it said heavy rain and heavy rain we had. Dear reader don’t despair, your four heroes and their two trusty dogs were not downhearted. Wet weather gear? Check. Snowshoes? Check. Happy hearts? Check. We were on our way up the mountain for a walk to Mont Caly.

What is it about alpine air? If you could bottle it you would make a fortune. Despite the rain, the aches and pains from yesterday melted away and we were schussing along at a fine rate. A fortifying chocolat chaud at the little bar at the top of Mont Caly and the rush of blood the walk had brought, charmed us into the crazy decision to climb the ridge linking Mont Caly to Mont Chery. This was the ultimate test of our snowshoeing ability; a combination of a steep climb and deep virgin snow. We schussed and schussed and schussed and despite our footwear we sank deep into the snow. If it was tough for us, spare a thought for the dogs! Alf and Rio were up to their stomachs and their only method of travel was to bounce, Tigger fashion, through the snow. Two dogs have never had such fun. They even had the energy to play their customary game of chase.


Please can someone dig Rio out?

Not before time we got to the Col de Lachat at 1600m and then started a plunging descent through deep troughs of pristine snow to our lunch stop. Despite our high tech snowshoes we still sank deep into the snow, which for Wendy was better than Zumba!


Quality Mothers’ Day Lunch!

A brief stop for a high quality Mothers’ Day lunch and we were on our way back to the Bar Belvedere with the scent of beer in our nostrils. The clock was now ticking, as Lesley was keen to get to Morzine for four o’clock to hear one of her favourite bands – Squid Lips. Unfortunately the yomping through the deep snow had taken its toll on the dogs and they needed to have some food and rest so your writer, selflessly, took a hit for the team and volunteered to stay in the Chalet and look after our valiant hounds. It was completely coincidental that Wales were about to kick off against Italy.


’nuff said!

Just as the final whistle blew on a nervy welsh victory that saw us go second in the Six Nations the hedonists returned to find the dogs revived to good health. Queue the hot tub, G&T and bruschetta and boeuf bourguignon! Another memorable day!

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