We caught the Katy in Queensland

Wednesday 28th March 2018

Two very excited parents joined the holidaymakers and business people on the early morning flight from Sydney to Brisbane. It was strange not having to show passports, but the security checks were just as stringent.


Leaving Sydney

After our two previous marathon flights it seemed that we were outside Brisbane Airport in no time at all and here was Katy pulling in to the pick up point. There were big hugs all round – boy, were we pleased to see her!

It was off to Katy’s favourite café in Kedron for brunch (how very Australian!) and I couldn’t get a word in edgeways as Wendy and Katy had so much to say. Unfortunately Katy had to work that afternoon, but she had something lined up for me.


The view from Katy’s office

For those of you who don’t know, Katy works for the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron (a sort of posh sailing club) and she had got me a ride on a yacht taking part in the club’s Wednesday afternoon series. Around forty boats were competing in a handicap race around Moreton Bay. It was a breezy 27 knots and I was allotted a position on the starboard ‘headie’ (headsail or jib) grinder. We seemed to be close reaching the whole way around, apart from one short leg where we ran goose winged, which meant that we had plenty of heel on, which in turn made it a very exhilarating couple of hours. The rest of the crew were amused to find that it was the first time I had raced on a boat with a barbeque on-board!

After a celebratory beer with my new chums, Wendy and Katy whisked me away as tomorrow, you guessed it, we have an early start!


Our first look at Brisbane


Here is a photo I had saved from earlier!

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