Unforgettable Baiona?

Saturday 18th May

Baiona (or Bayona in Galician) is not a very memorable place. Indeed, Andy sailed into the marina five years ago and it wasn’t until we had walked two thirds of the way around the town that he remembered!

As you’ve gathered, we are now back in Spain on the part of the Galician coast called the Rias Baxias, a series of fjord like estuaries with wooded hills dropping steeply to beautiful beaches; truly stunning landscapes.

The view from our pitch

We are in Baiona because, back in Pinhão, the chap in the winery Quinta da Foz recommended we visit this beautiful bay and especially the Illas Cies, a group of islands in the mouth of the bay. Unfortunately, the ferries only seem to run in July and August and as they are nature reserves dogs aren’t allowed, anyway.

Baiona’s only claim to any historical fame is that it was the first port of call for Chris Columbus’s Pinta on her way back from discovering the West Indies and so became the first place in Europe to hear about it. Other than that, there is a fort that is now a posh hotel and plenty of nice restaurants.

Is that the Pinta?

Bayona Playa Camping is memorable for its position, it occupies a spit of land that almost blocks the head of the estuary and its eye-watering cost. It is by far the most expensive site so far, almost twice the average price at €28 a night and the pool, bar and shop aren’t even open until next month! In high season the cost soars even further to €49! All that for a very average site. We’re off!

We are still working on getting a map of our journey up; here is our best effort so far…

Santander to A Coruña the long way!

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