Venice Visit!

Thursday 1st September


Fusina is an ok campsite on a little spit of land jutting out into the lagoon at the top of the Adriatic Sea, just past the power station, the recycling plant and various redundant industrial units, and in the shadow of a mighty, moored cruise liner. It doesn’t sound very salubrious does it? 

It is also rubbish for dog walks, there is nowhere to let them off the lead for a decent run. The toilets and showers are adequate, if a bit far away.

But it is the best campsite we have stayed on to far!

“Why?” I hear you cry.

Because it is only a two minute walk from the campsite gate to the ferry that drops you off right in the centre of Venice!


I have never been to Venice before, but it is now my favourite city. Better than Rome. Better than Porto. Even better than Cardiff when you have a ticket to an international at the Principality Stadium!

We arrived in Fusina in time to catch the 1600 ferry to Venice and spent three hours in complete amazement and the jaw-dropping wonder of the place – the history, the architecture, the people, the canals. The canals! Never have I taken so many pictures of canals, each one a little gem (the canal, not my pictures that is!).

It was so good that we were all up early and excited on Friday to go back again, this time for a full day. And as we left on the evening ferry, eight hours later, with the sun setting over our campsite, I was still wishing I could go back tomorrow.

Words cannot do Venice justice, and neither can my photos;  but here are some, and the better ones are Andy’s…

I’ve never been one for giving guidance, as my daughters will tell you, but if you only listen to one piece of my advice; it’s this…

Visit Venice!

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