24 Hours to go

Well the motorhome is nearly ready. Wendy has decided that we can do without the insulating silver screen for the windscreen and so has ditched it to make room for her body board and wet suit. All the food is in and she just needs to pack her clothes, but instead is hoovering upstairs, much to Alfie’s consternation.

The plan is to set off tomorrow around 1030 to get to Folkestone by 1500 ready for our crossing at 1550. Once across the Channel we will have an hour’s drive to our first campsite outside St Omer.

In-between all  the packing and shopping I have been working on the itinerary to make the Velodyssee manageable for someone who has put in such intensive ‘wait training’. The average daily distance for my first week will be around 45km. That should make for relatively short days so that Wendy and I have plenty of time to join with the locals in celebrating Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the presidential elections.

Time to go now and help Wendy with the rest of the hoovering – apparently it is essential to a successful holiday?

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