Nantes and the wormhole in the space/time continuum!


Saturday 20th May

Day eight

Total Distance 381km

We are sitting in the camper-van looking out over the estuary of the river Loire, just over the lane is a Bavaria 36 and behind that is a cracking view of the refineries and chemical plants of St Nazaire.



How we quite got here we don’t really know. One minute we were on the Ile de Nantes, enjoying the wacky imagination of the inventors of the Iles des Machines and programming the coordinates to get back to our campsite in Nord sur Mer, the next everything went black and we started spinning around and around and around to suddenly appear at the gates of a campsite in Paimbouef, almost at the mouth of the Loire. Either we accidentally stumbled across a wormhole in the space/time continuum or those people at Garmin have got a lot to answer for! It is probably just a coincidence that we were opposite the Jules Verne Museum.

To be continued…




2 thoughts on “Nantes and the wormhole in the space/time continuum!

  1. Doing well for an oldie! We are now dining at our camp site (4 star!) in Nantes. Tomorrow we will NOT cycle, but sightsee around Nantes. If you’re about, be good to see you. If not, we will catch up with you in the next week. Email Yvonne at (Written by Chris, on Yvonne’s iPad. But love from all three of us., ps saw girls two days ago en route xxxx


  2. Looks just like ICI from South Gare across the Tees Estuary.
    Enjoying reading about your adventures and looking forward to read about what Wendy has been doing whilst you do all the hard work.
    I even had to have croissant for breakfast on Thursday.


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