The Rainy Day That Became The Snowy Day (and will live long in the memory!)

Thursday 15th March 2018

There are moments in time that will live long in the memory, if not forever. When Wendy and I were working we used to call them ‘mental photographs’, images and impressions of magical moments on holiday to recall during the darker moments of working life. Now that we are always ‘on holiday’ or ‘holiday is the new normal’, or ‘this is what we do’, will there still be the moments that burn themselves on to our memories with the intensity of a laser beam?

Well yes there will! This afternoon it happened to me.

The eight of us were walking along a track in the midst of a snowfall, through beautiful scenery, having had a good lunch; and it struck me that it doesn’t get much better than this!


A Magical Memory

This morning the signs were not hopeful, there were grey foreboding skies and a forecast that predicted rain, rain and more rain. It was a bit of a downer for our last day in Les Gets after the smashing day yesterday. However over breakfast a plan came together as we were waiting for Colin to produce his own unique take on poaching eggs, one that involved plenty of cling film. As it was the last day we would all be together we decided that it would be on with the wet weather gear and we would walk to Le Chevrel restaurant for lunch. A quick phone call ensured there would be a table for us and off we set.


Where is the rain then?

At the top of the cable car ride the weather had not improved, the clouded skies were glowering, there was a freshening breeze and it felt decidedly cold. With the typical ‘never say die’ attitude that has come to typify our group, we marched towards Mont Caly. All the time we could see darker clouds approaching us so there was no time to spare, only stopping for a couple of snow angels and to rescue Rio who had strayed too far down a steep slope.


“That’s coming our way!”


Snow Angels?

Le Chevrel is a beautiful wooden Tyrolean building that looks like a Swiss cuckoo clock. Inside it was warm and snug with tables squeezed into three tiny rooms. A traditional alpine building had a traditional alpine menu and it was omelettes, hot goat’s cheese and tartiflette all round.

As we were eating we could see the snow starting to fall and it continued to do so, thicker and thicker, so that the walk back was a truly magical, mental photograph!


All we need is Heidi!

A marvellous end to a marvellous week! Thank you Martin, Rose, Colin, Fiona, Andy and Lesley for your great company.

The snow is still falling this evening. We are supposed to be leaving early tomorrow morning; will we be able to get the car out? Can I remember how to fit the snow chains?

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