The Magnificent Eight and the Sunny Day

Wednesday 14th (Pi Day)

Happy Pi Day! To celebrate Mathematics Week today has been christened Pi Day by our American cousins.


What a difference in two days – right from ‘cock crow’ the sun was shining in a gin clear sky. The sunshine had an invigorating effect on the revellers and we were all up and ready for the off with barely a grumble. Today we split into two groups again. This time there were five skiers and three snowshoers.


The hills looked even more awesome in the sunshine and mybrain had to cope with the apparent conflict of walking through deep snow in a T-shirt and trousers and still being too hot! By the time that Martin, Wendy and I arrived at our designated lunch stop we were all ready for a beer. While waiting for the beers to arrive we sent a text to the others saying we had saved a table. Ten minutes later we got a text from the others saying they couldn’t find where we were sitting. A quick phone call showed that we were at different restaurants and as the skiers had got deckchairs outside in the sun, we hotfooted it (if you can in the snow?) the quarter of a mile or so to join them.


In the evening Lesley produced her signature dish, an excellent Coq au Vin to complete an excellent day.

[P.S. if you are still wondering why it is Pi Day it is because the way the Americans write the date today is 3/14 which is the number Pi to three figures.]




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