The Age of Aquarius

Friday 30thMarch 2018

Today was a blessing, a gentle Good Friday morning. After a sequence of early starts and being awoken by my raucous phone alarm it was a pleasure to have a lie in and wake gradually.

I spent the morning catching up with the ‘blog – I am sorry that I have been a little tardy in keeping you up to date with our adventures over the last four days. Wendy and Katy went off to the beach. This was all going fine and apparently they were having a happy time paddling in the ocean until the lifeguards discovered some ‘stingers’ washing on to the beach. A ‘stinger’ is a generic term the Australians use for anything in the sea that can sting you, from jellyfish to bull rays of the type that killed Steve Irwin. In this case it was jellyfish and their entrance reminded our two intrepid heroes that it was time for lunch.


We ain’t afraid of no stingers!

For some reason W & K thought that the pool attached to our complex was a better option than the beach for the afternoon’s sunbathing. Though in what seemed like the blink of an eye they were back urging me to park my sacred duty to my readers and join them on a twilight sail.



We were booked on a 62-foot catamaran, Aquarius, for a two-hour cruise, as soon as we left the marina the crew cut the engine and we had a very soothing time sailing along the coast, watching the sun creep slowly behind the hills.


We’re turning Japanese?

On the wander back from the harbour I was instructed that we have an early start tomorrow – another boat to catch!