Croatia Hwala!

Saturday 26th May 2018

Today is Day 20 and signifies that we are now halfway through the continental leg of our trip. Our van has clocked up 1736 miles since we left Derby almost three weeks ago.

We called in at the house of our host to settle up for the extra night we stayed and discovered that apart from being fluent in at least four languages, running the successful campsite and apartment business, mother of three and the matriarch of a large extended family, she was also a tomato sniffer! Wendy had found a kindred spirit! A long discussion ensued about the merits of home-grown fruit and veg over their shop-bought cousins. From there they moved on to the price of cherries, that are available from roadside stalls here at the moment, the cost of living, the ridiculousness of Brexit and the delight of having three daughters (one of those I may have imagined – no, not that one Holly!).

The short delay in our departure caused by the conversation meant that we were in no danger of being caught by the bridge in Tisno. The bridge at Tisno links the mainland with the island of Murter and opens for half an hour at 0900 and again at 1700 to allow boats to sail through and avoid the lengthy detour all around the island. We were unimpeded as the traffic queues, if there were any, were long gone and we took the beautiful coastal road south, towards Split.


The journey was uneventful, but not boaring…


See what I did there?

…and soon we were treated to the spectacle of Split simmering in the sunshine way below us as we arrived in Trogir.

The old town is on an island in the channel between the mainland and the island of Ciovo and we arrived at Autocamp Rozac just in time to take a glorious, south-facing pitch, right on the waterfront. Not a bad place for our last campsite in Croatia, tomorrow we drive on to Split and in the evening catch the ferry to Ancona, Italy. It has been only a very brief visit to Croatia, but Wendy and I have really fallen in love with the place and we will be back for a longer visit some year soon. As they say in Croatian, Hwala (thank you).


Not a bad view from your front window?

The next time I write we will be on the other side of the Adriatic and Alf will have enjoyed his first night on a ferry sharing our cabin, rather than shut away in a kennel or the van so Ciao! For now!


No that is not a mermaid – it’s Wendy!

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