Le Tedey Again!

Saturday 1st June

Once again, we are back in our favourite campsite and It’s busy!

We didn’t realise that Thursday was a public holiday in France, Ascension Day, and most people took yesterday as a bridging day to turn it into a four-day weekend. This, coupled with the good weather forecast, has brought all of the inhabitants of Bordeaux to the coast for a bit of R&R.

It was tricky to persuade the nice people in Reception to find two camper van pitches together, especially for a week. Yes, a week! We are planning to stay here for seven nights. Wendy managed to convince them that, as we had boards to put under the wheels, we wouldn’t sink into the soft sand on one of the pitches we wanted. 

That Le Tedey Feeling!

Gosh it’s hot! The heat has charged the air with the heady aroma of Le Tedey that mixture of pine resin, sun cream, and a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that reeks of summer holidays and good times. Wendy is in danger of hyperventilating; she is so busy inhaling it!

Lacanau Lights?

A quick tour of the site has shown that nothing much has changed since last year. The bar is under new management, and they’ve copied my use of tasteful garden lights (no, they are not Love Island lights, Jamie). And put up a few pointless signs in bright colours that gives the hint they might be trying too hard. The prices have gone up too. Never mind they are staying open late to show the Champions League final between Spurs v Liverpool tonight.


Now that we are back on familiar territory the four of us have had a chance to look back at our time in Iberia and here is our list of some of the highlights from the trip.

Our Favourite …

Campsite is Camping A’ Vouga in Louro

Town or city is Porto

Beach is A’ Vouga in Louro

Scenic location is the Cares Gorge in the Picos De Europa

Historical site is Merida for its Teatro Romano, Amphitheatre and Aqueduct

Bizarre place is the Capela dos Ossos, the Ossuary

Restaurant is Casa Canene in Llanes

Home-cooked meal is Paella

Cycle ride is Villa Cha to Villa da Conde

Beer is Estrella Galicia

Tapas is Carvalho Wine and Tapas Bar in Peso da Régua

Non-campsite stop is Pinhão by the river Douro 

Crazy experience is the evening in the Writers’ Corner Restaurant in Pinhão

Quirkiest Toilets are in Camping Naranjo des Bulnes in Arenas des Cabrales

Holiday Romance is Rio and Didi in Vila Cha

Sweet Treat is the Portuguese Pastel De Nata egg custard tart

Coffee is anywhere in Portugal

Wine is ‘What have you got?’


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