An Evening at the ‘Soccah!’

Saturday 14thApril 2018

The sporting event of the holiday took place this evening at Dunmore Park, the fortress of the mighty Toowong FC as they took on Park Ridge Panthers FC. Toowong were in control through out the match and deserved the comprehensive 3-0 victory.

Of course the home interest was on the gifted, utility player Anthony Cox who, it was generally agreed, had a good game. In fact he played so well, that at one point, the referee (female) took down his name and number on a little yellow card!

IMG_2796 (1)

He is in there somewhere!

To celebrate the victory a couple of ‘Coxy’ (as his ‘soccah’ chums seem to refer to him) and Katy’s chums, Michael and Hannah, joined us for Chicken ‘Parmy’ back at Fuller Street. As you can imagine they were good company and we look forward to hosting them in Derby in September where Michael (aka ‘Eggy’) steps up to the demanding role of co-Best Man at the wedding of the year.

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